Industrial Products and Processes

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Technological Products and Processes stemming from the space industry for use by the general industry.

  • Machining of large pieces. Diameters up to 3.400 mm.

  • Surface treatments: Plating, Electroless, ad-hoc developments.

  • High efficiency welding: automatic TIG welding, FSW, special metallurgies. On-demand developments.

  • Special heat treatments, vacuum chambers.

  • Composite products: windings and structures upon demand (laminates, infusion, sándwich).

  • Precision metrology for aerospace requirements.

  • In-house non-destructive tests. (Inks, Rx, Ultrasound), (1st week 2020, currently undergoing certification).

  • Energy Materials and Devices (Future: 2020).

Analysis and resolution of complex engineering problems

  • . Engineering project and optimization of existing products/processes. Complete solutions for Aeronautical, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering. Specialized in multidisciplinary solutions.

  • Project of Ad Hoc machines. Delivering the turnkey machine as a product.

  • Process automation projects, mechatronics and control engineering and communications (IMUs, transmitters and special receivers).

  • On demand R+D+i; environmental tests for product and equipment qualification.

  • Studies of materials and Failure Analysis. (2020)