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SAC D/Aquarius Satellite

  • Development of Technological Demonstration Package (TDP) instrument.

  • Flight computers SBC21020 and SBC695.

  • Integration and test of the TDP in CIOP and CETT facilities.

  • Integration of the TDP to the SAC-D satellite in INVAP facilities.

  • Thermo-vacuum tests on the SAC-D satellite at INPE facilities.

  • Commissioning (operational assurance after injection into orbit).

  • Operation of the Mission Operation Center.


Satellite mission SAOCOM

Integration and Qualification of SAR 1A and 1B antennas
Main instrument of the SAOCOM mission, SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), performing the design and assembly of components, total integration of antennas, environmental and qualification tests.

Project Management Support
Professional technical support in the execution of verification and validation processes, mission assurance, control tasks and logistics.

Engineering and Commissioning of the SAOCOM Mission Operation Center
Engineering tasks, such as specification and monitoring of software developments, subsequent acceptance, validation and integration of IT, development of the Mission Operation Center (MOC) infrastructure.

Operation of the SAOCOM Mission Operation Center
Currently operating on a 24/7 basis